20 things about me

1.My name is:Caleb D

2.My family:I have 1 brother and my parents

3.My favorite sports:I like to play soccer and wrestle and next year I’m going to play football

4.Favorite food:My favorite food is french fries

5.Favorite animal:My favorite animal is a squirrel

6.Things I like to do during my free time:I like to play on my Xbox and watch YouTube

7. Pets:I had 2 turtles but we had to get rid of them so I have no pets

8.My favorite vacation spot is:New York City

9.My best friend:Marshal

10.My favorite movie:grown up’s one

11.My favorite book is:pay it forward

12.My favorite TV series:The Flash

13.My favorite show:Teen Titans Go

14.My favorite car:A Challenger

My favorite subject in school:math

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